Posting from Melbourne.

Touched down on Monday night. After 7 hours plus of flying, really need some time to recuperate. It was one of the longest flight I had ever had. The boy was making a lots of fuss, crying alots, while we were on board.

Don't know how we are going to make it again two weeks later. Another 7 hours plus, we gotto be kidding ourselves.

But for now I just don't want to think about it, and I just want to enjoy my holiday.

For the past two days, we are getting ourselves and the kids to settle with the new environment, no tv, no phone line, no car to get a around and were running around for the kids(bath them, wash clothes, prepare meals, calm them and so on). And my stomach was feeling funny since the beginning of our flight. Lucky today it's slightly better, thanks to my lemon water.

Early this morning, it rained. Our clothes hanging outside overnight were all soaked. The weather forecast said that today will be a rainy day, though it's already bright and sunny now. Not too sure if we want to go for a walk. Coz I don't want to get caught in the rain later.

The kids were like the "untied monkeys" messing around and moody sometimes, especially the boy. He misses his grannies alots and his legs are having some rashes due to the dry weather.

Just got our twin stroller delivered. And it just started to rain. No meant to be out today, I supposed.


simple woman said...


567 said...

enjoy ur holiday^^

JR said...

I'm leaving Melbourne tomorrow, going back to Msia for good!

Weather has been nuts around Australia recently. Traveled to Sydney last week and weather was 40 degrees for 3 days, mad hot! Anyway, enjoy Melbourne's cool weather.

yeelee said...


dolphine said...

simple woman,
JR & yeelee,

Pingu said...

嗨,怎么到了Melb, 部落格也变成英文版了? 假期快乐!多搽防晒膏啊!

dolphine said...




TG said...

Melbourne is a wonderful place. Enjoy your holidays...

dolphine said...


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