In Melbourne

Arrived here on the 27 March morning.
This time I'm here alone without hubby and the kids.

Tough initially, but getting used to it.
Still miss them heaps though.
But another 5 days, I will be heading home to see them.

Been busy for the last one week.
After a day stranded at my sis's home, and she was busy with her assignment,
I decided ventured out on my own to Highpoint.

It's just 15 minutes walk form here.
Since that day on, I had been out almost everyday.

As my inner clock is still following the Malaysia time.
I tend to sleep late, about 1 or 2 and automatic up by 10 or 11 in the morning.
It was 3 hours early here, you see.
So it's about 7 or 8ish Malaysian time.

Finally last night, they changed from 3 hours difference to 2.
Bout it wonuldn't make much difference to me, I supposed.
Perhaps, I can see the kids via Skype earlier.

One good thing about coming alone here, is my mother radar is partially shut.
No kids for a while. No "mommy mommy, I want this", no kids fight, and so on.
However, on the other hand I worry about the kids back home.

Natalie cried on the first night I was away.
Every time we skype, she would ask me where am I and when I will be home.
And I would love to hug her tight and kiss her.

Max is still young but he too is looking for me constantly.
Wehn he sees me appear on the monitor via Skype, he would just frown.
I wonder what is playing in his little mind.

As for this trip,
I have things to do, like sourcing for products for our startup.
Catching up with my former lecture and doing some research on the local market.
And cleaning up the house for my siblings.

Been really busy.

Sadly, my bro's PC can't display Chinese characters,
hence I have to post in English.


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