Though I have no time or tool to post in Chinese.

But every now and then, when I has time to pass,
I will jot down some thought in Chinese.

Will post up once I'm back home.

Like his morning, as I was sitting in the train heading towards Huntingdale,
to meet my sis-in-law.

I wrote down my thought in my diary.

I realised that I can still write my characters right, most of them, if not all.
Thank goodness.

Today is a Easter Sunday.
And my sis-in-law invited me to her friend's church in Surrey Hill.
So I had to get up really early to catch a tram and then a train.

The timing was really tight, it was just a matter of a minute or two away.
If I miss one, I will definitely miss the other.

I thought that I was gonna be late for at least 15 minutes.
And I was praying really really hard for making it on time.

And thank goodness, I was on time. Phew...


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